“Faith and reason are like two wings of the human spirit by which it soars to the truth.”

- Saint John Paul II



At Nativity, we teach the method of “testing all things,” as St. Paul exhorts.

Thus, the two pillars of the school are FAITH and REASON, each essential for truly knowing and understanding all things.


Faith, the first pillar, in its broadest sense refers to knowing through another person—learning from another. At Nativity, we propose the richness of the Catholic faith and all of history through teachers steeped in knowledge of his or her subject matter. In literature, students engage with historical writers, especially literary Catholics, of the past two centuries. In social studies, we delve into the factors which have shaped human history, with students concurrently studying Salvation history in their religious studies courses. In short, we remember and learn from our history in all subjects, so as to build on it in the present.


The second pillar, reason, would mean to look at all facts and factors in any situation, and to judge which is true, just, and beautiful. For example, our math and science curricula hone skills which ensure students learn to reason and think deeply and critically about all they learn, thus equipping them with a method to be used for a lifetime.



We use time-tested best practices in: reading, listening, note-taking, and writing, with an emphasis in the upper grades on analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of what they see, read, and hear.  We want our young people to learn to exercise his or her critical thinking in front of all they learn using the method of faith.


Moved and guided by the great love of God for each of us, we see the unity among us as not only a gift, but the path of a formidable education.  Our community of faith is an essential factor for students, parents, families, teachers, administrators, and staff to continually discover and verify the love of God, and to grow in love for Jesus Christ.


For us, Christ's love is so abundant that we believe each member of the Nativity community should share that love with each other and with those beyond our walls. That's why we offer opportunities for charity and service to others so that each may learn something of themselves in his or her engagement with reality.