Generosity comes in all sizes. Be a part of the Nativity School Fund. Every donation—large or small—helps us to continue providing high-quality Catholic Education in the years ahead.

The Nativity School Fund was established in November 2005 by members of the parish and school community who recognized the need to provide increased and consistent financial resources for Nativity School—now and in the future.



To develop charitable giving opportunities that will ensure the financial stability of Nativity: Faith & Reason and to meet four specific objectives.




The first objective is bridging the financial gap between school tuition and the actual per student cost of a private Catholic education. Currently the per student cost to educate at Nativity exceeds the annual tuition rate per student by approximately 7 percent.


The second objective is providing a source of funding for special programs and capital expenditures. Historically, this has included upgrading and adding technology throughout the school, new educational programs, improving school facilities, and continued professional development for faculty and staff.




The third objective is providing tuition assistance to all families seeking a private Catholic education based on their financial needs.


The fourth objective is a healthy long-term savings account that would be available if school tuition and other revenue were not sufficient to support operating costs. Over the last few years operating costs have exceeded revenues. However, the parish has funded the deficit rather than use monies in the savings account.



The Nativity School Fund is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. As a private, independent institution, Nativity: Faith & Reason does not receive any government funding. As a result, the following financial Nativity School Fund sources of support are important to the continued success of our school:

  1. The Annual Nativity School Fund Gala
  2. Nativity School Star Sponsorships
  3. Ongoing Charitable Donations and Planned Giving