Mrs. Debbie DiPetrillo    Second Grade

Mrs. Debbie DiPetrillo

Second Grade

My name is Debbie DiPetrillo (Mrs. D). I was born and raised in Colorado. I went to school at Colorado State University and received a degree in human development and family studies with teacher certification preschool director to eighth grade.

I have been in Catholic schools for my entire teaching career. I started at Assumption Catholic School teaching all day kindergarten for two years. I then moved to Most Precious Blood for six years teaching half day kindergarten. I was just putting together a full day program and ended up moving to New Jersey for nine months. My husband started to travel all the time so we moved back to Colorado to our family.  When I came back I ended up at Nativity, where I taught kindergarten for 13 years and then finally graduated to second grade. I have been teaching second grade here for eight years.

I love to teach because I enjoy seeing the “light bulbs” go on in a child. I love being able to teach all subjects to the same children, which allows me to really get to know the children. I also like that there is never a dull moment.

I love to travel with my family, especially road trips. I never make reservations so I am not pressed for time when my family and I are enjoying the experience. Two years ago, my girls and I went on a three-week driving trip, during which we went through 14 states.  Last year, we did a west coast trip to explore the different tree forests.

I am a widow now going on my fourth year.  I have a wonderful son who is 22.  My middle daughter is an amazing artist. Lastly, my youngest daughter is a student at Holy Family. I also have two dogs, a black lab named Duke and an English bulldog named Princess.